Press Release: Xocial Gong LLC receives the 2023 Alignable Business Person of the Year

03/05/2023 8:09am

By: Damien Orozco

Xocial Gong LLC is proud to announce that our founder Damien Orozco was the recipient of the 2023 Alignable Business Person of the Year for the Los Angeles Area.  Since its founding by Damien Orozco in 2021, Xocial Gong has become a leader in small business support and services in the Southern California area.  Damien Orozco began his career as a personal trainer while still in college.

Seeing an emerging need to help small businesses manage their ever-increasing online presence, and marketing needs, and more specifically struggling with finding qualified sales leads, he founded Xocial Gong LLC to provide LinkedIn Lead Generation marketing services, web design and hosting, digital marketing, and data management to local businesses and entrepreneurs.  His team of dedicated professionals is driven to provide their customers with high-quality service and support.

As one of only many finalists selected for this year's award from thousands of eligible candidates, the Alignable online community voted and decided that Damien's dedication to helping and supporting small businesses stood out due to his dedication to working with start-ups and small businesses who have needed marketing assistance on their way to success; his willingness to mentor new entrepreneurs; and his innovative approach when it comes to helping small businesses succeed.  "I’m so honored to receive this award," said Orozco. "My passion for helping business owners get off the ground has been such an important part of my journey with Xocial Gong, LLC and I feel so humbled by all those I've been able to help along the way."  We’re thrilled that Damien’s efforts have been recognized by peers in this industry.  It’s truly well deserved! The Alignable Business Person award further verifies our commitment at Xocial Gong, LLC to providing outstanding customer service at competitive rates.  We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years into the future and look forward to remaining an integral small business resource in the Los Angeles area for many years ahead.